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  • The Espaola Ranger District is part of the Santa Fe National Forest in north central New Mexico

Rim Vista Trail

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The sedimentary rock layers of the Colorado Plateau create grand scenery from Utah to New Mexico. The rocks tell the story of shallow seas with dinosaurs roaming the shorelines, of shallow freshwater lakes, and a massive sand dune desert rivaling the modern Sahara. Nowhere are these rocks more colorfully displayed than from the edge of the Mesa de los Viejos and an overlook simply called Rim Vista. The hike to the vista climbs from the red mudstones of the Chinle Formation to the top of the Dakota Sandstone, a climb through time of almost 100 million years. Little shade is available on this route, making it ideal in spring, fall, or winter, but to be avoided in summer.

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Big River Raft Trips, Taos, NM
    • Big River Raft Trips, Taos, NM
    • Embudo , New Mexico
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    Embudo, NM 87531
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  • We offer rapid trips, scenic floats, sunset dinners

Still home to one of the longest-established Native American populations in the US, though transformed by becoming first a Spanish colonial outpost, and more recently a hangout for bohemian artists and New Age dropouts, Taos (which rhymes with "mouse") has become famous out of all proportion to its size. Just seven thousand people live in its three component parts: Taos itself, around the plaza; sprawling Ranchos de Taos, three miles to the south; and the Native American community of Taos Pueblo, two miles north.

Beyond the usual unsightly highway sprawl, Taos is a delight to visit. Besides museums, galleries, and stores, it still offers an unhurried pace and charm, and the sense of a meeting place between Pueblo, Hispanic, and American cultures. Its reputation as an artists' colony began at the end of the nineteenth century. Not long afterward, society heiress Mabel Dodge arrived and married an Indian from the Pueblo to become Mabel Dodge Luhan. She in turn wrote a fan letter to English novelist D.H. Lawrence, who visited three times in the 1920s; his widow Frieda later made her home in Taos. New generations of artists and writers have "discovered" Taos ever since, the most famous of all being Georgia O'Keeffe, who stayed for a few years at the end of the 1920s.

Cañon de Valle
    • Cañon de Valle
    • Los Alamos , New Mexico
  • Los Alamos
  • "I think this is a really peaceful trail to ride." Reviews from
  • "While it doesn't offer panoramic views like other rides, it more than makes up for it in the solitude imparted by riding in the quiet canyon." Reviews from
  • The trail follows along the bottom of a narrow tree-lined canyon. The bulk of the trail follows a reverted road that supposedly dates back the the native american days. The trail presents a peaceful ride through the woods and undergrowth



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