Restaurants in the Espanola Area
The Espanola Valley has some of the best eateries in New Mexico. Having the advantage of locally grown chile allows for great Mexican flavor. The service in most local restaurants are second to none!

Catering Services

Mexican/New Mexican
Angelina's Restaurant
1226 N. Railroad Ave.
(505) 753-8543
A long time favorite of locals and tourists.
Cornelia's Native Foods
645 Riverside Dr N Espanola, NM
(505) 747-2427
El Paragua Restaurant
603 Santa Cruz Rd NE Espanola, NM
(505) 753-3211
"The Utmost in Mexican Food"
Web site has menu with prices! You have to try their margaritas!
El Parasol Restaurant
602 Santa Cruz Rd NE Espanola, NM
(505) 753-8852
"Gourmet Food To Go"
Right next door to El Paragua - same great food!
La Cocina Restaurant

(505) 753-3486
Leona's Restaurante de Chimayo
505-351-4569, 505-351-4195
leonas@cybermesa.com - Next door to the world famous Santuario de Chimayo .
Matilda's Cafe
Corlett Rd Espanola, NM
(505) 753-3200
Kinda hard to find but worth it when you find it!
Restaurante Rancho de Chimayo
Restaurante Rancho de Chimayo is known for its unique native New Mexico cuisine, prepared with locally grown products from recipes that have been in the family for generations. Country Road 98, On the Scenic High Road to Taos
Popular with the locals and tourist alike. Keep an eye out for movie stars while you eat there! They've been known to frequent this restaurant.
(505) 351-4444, (505) 984-2100 or (505) 351-1211
email: rdc@espanola-nm.com
Fast Food
Arby's Restaurant
930 Riverside Dr N Espanola, NM
(505) 753-4777
Blake's Lota Burger
206 N Onate Paseo Espanola, NM
(505) 753-9287
You just can't beat the burger at Lota Burger!
Blake's Lota Burger
914 Riverside Dr N Espanola, NM
(505) 753-3611
You just can't beat the burger at Lota Burger!
Burger King
701 Riverside Dr N Espanola, NM
(505) 753-2970
Dairy Queen
1702 N Riverside Dr Espanola, NM
(505) 753-5887
Dandy's Burger Drive-In
215 San Pedro Pl Espanola, NM
Wow! What a great breakfast burrito! You've just gotta to try it!
(505) 753-4234
Home Run Pizza
1031 Riverside Dr N Espanola, NM
(505) 753-6109
Little Caesars Pizza
708 A N Riverside Dr Espanola, NM
(505) 753-2311
813 Riverside Dr N Espanola, NM
(505) 753-3472
"There's Fast Food Then There's KFC"
Located inside the Polk Gas Station on US-285, on the north side of Espanola.
Long John Silvers
600 Riverside Dr N Espanola, NM
(505) 747-1799
McDonald's Restaurant
615 Riverside Dr N Espanola, NM
(505) 753-5162
Pizza Parlor
432 S Riverside Espanola, NM
The longest running pizza joint in Espanola. Now that's a great pizza!
(505) 753-4109
Sonic Drive
1208 Riverside Dr N Espanola, NM
(505) 753-6224
Sonic Drive
296 S Riverside Dr Espanola, NM
(505) 753-5882
Stop & Eat Drive-In
110 E Paseo De Onate Dr Espanola, NM
(505) 753-7400
Subway Sandwich Shop
708-B N Riverside Dr Espanola, NM
(505) 753-5030
Taco Bell
714 Riverside Dr Espanola, NM
(505) 753-9399
Big Rock Cafe 419 N. Riverside Dr.
(505) 747-0059 - "This restaurant serves both menu and buffet. We have a local cliental that come to this restaurant. We also offer great special and week-ends like steak and lobster as well as the Saturday seafood buffet." Accepts payment with: AX, D, MC, V, Checks
Located in the Big Rock Casino.
Black Mesa Golf Club
115 State Rd. 399
La Mesilla, NM 87532
(505) 747-8946, Fax: (505) 747-0238, Cell: (505) 317-6581
Chuck Wagon Cafe - Big Dog's
701 Riverside Dr N Espanola, NM
(505) 753-2475
Dos Amigos
El Jardin
Flavio's Cafe
Rancho De San Juan Country Inn & Restaurant
US Hwy 285 Espanola, NM
(505) 753-6818
If you're into swanky eateries then this is THE place to go in Northern New Mexico. Call for reservations first!!!
Red's Steak House
Taos Hwy Espanola, NM
(505) 753-4949
Great food, music and dancing too!
Rio Grande Cafe
101 Los Alamos Ave., Espanola, NM
(505) 753-2125
"Serving Your Local Favorites Since 1947"
Martini'z Steakhouse
China Kitchen
604 S Riverside Dr
They have a great buffet!
(505) 753-5104
Shanghai Oriental Restaurant 734 N. Riverside Dr Suite D
Espanola, NM 87532
(505) 753-7568

Mon. - Fri. 11:30-9:00
Sat. 12:00-9:00

Serving Buffet and Menu

Rodeway Inn
604-B South Riverside Dr., Espanola, NM, 87532
(505) 753-2419

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